Thursday, 8 September 2011

Opening post......

Dear Emilie,
                 today was the day you turned four (or twenty or twenty-five as you kept telling people bizarrely!) and was something of an eventful day.  After spending the first hour opening presents, Mummy and Daddy left you with Nanny and Grandad while we went to visit your new teacher at the local Nursery school that you will be attending next week! God, how time has moved so fast!! 

Upon our return, the five of us all set off for the Dinosaur Park where we met up with Grandma. You insisted on travelling with Nanny and Grandad and, as usual, we arrived far later than we had meant to. One thing you will swiftly learn about Mummy and Daddy reading this Blog is that we are seldom early and very often late! Oh, and we have a habit of getting lost!!

Anyway, we got there in the end, wandered around for a bit then went and had some lunch. You got to hold a Guniea Pig, almost held a Giant Millipede (apparently he tickled!) and got to stroke a great big fluffy rabbit that the Park Rangers got out called Hazel. I think my favourite moment of the day was when the Ranger holding Hazel asked how old you were and you said "Twenty-five!" Her face was a picture ~ I really don't think she knew how to react for a second as she kind of registered what you had said and was totally befuddled! Priceless!!

After a lovely day at the Dinosaur Park, including a lot of time spent in the new indoor Play area, we set off back to Grandmas. There your little face lit up as you realised you had more presents to open! I think your favourite present of the day was definitely your new Jessie bike, complete with bell! Though I don't think the wheels will stay white for long!! This was closely followed by your first camera that Mummy and Daddy bought you! You took some interesting photos playing around with it in the back of Nanny's car that included several shots of their car interior, the back of Grandad's head and a couple of close-up shots of your doll Katie's smiling face! 

After Grandma's, we all went out for a meal across the road and you decided that your dessert of jelly and ice-cream wasn't good enough so you ended up finishing off Mummys!

All in all, it was a "very lovely day", as you often say, though by the end of it, I think you were more than just a little bit exhausted.

And that was your fourth birthday in brief. 

Speak to you again soon Emilie......

Lots of Love, Mum and Dad! xxx



  1. I am late Mark but happy birthday Emilie, sounds like an awesome day was had!